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National Exhibit to Explore Dynamics of Social Play 

SAN ANTONIO (Jan. 14, 2010) - A new all-body, interactive traveling exhibition premiering this summer will uncover the social dynamics behind games. “Play” will kick off a three-year tour of nine major science centers and natural history museums nationwide.

Using larger-than-life games such as human foosball, the exhibit invites visitors literally to become part of the experience. Interactive exhibitry offers firsthand demonstrations of social dynamics such as friendship, collaboration, teamwork and empathy.

The 5,000-square-foot exhibit explores how people at play develop social connections. Visitors can participate in six all-body games that reveal the actual social sciences at work when people engage in recreational activities.

Each is guided by a bilingual (English/Spanish) narrative and large format graphics that explain the various social sciences at work.
  • “The Will of the Group” - a foosball table that lets visitors become the soccer-player game piece as a way of exploring the importance of individual expression and respecting the will of the group.
  • “The Collective Experience” - a pool table surface with a set of nine giant billiard balls visitors can roll. Each ball creates its own musical tone which synchronizes with others to create a complex composition.
  • “The Power of Many” - a unique bowling experience where visitors move together down the alley to achieve different outcomes. The experience demonstrates the power of group support and overcoming challenges as a team.
Other game experiences include an oversized dominoes set that addresses teamwork, a musical backgammon board that explores dialogue, a giant die that communicates common ideals in many languages, and other game and media components designed to investigate various relationship fundamentals. Large-format graphics and bilingual label copy will present the exhibit content in English and Spanish.

Educational materials, including a comprehensive K-12 teacher’s activity guide and related source materials, will support educational outreach and programming in each host city.

“Play” was conceived by internationally renowned visual artist and musician Nacho Rodriguez Bach. Exhibit producer is Evergreen Exhibitions of San Antonio. Consultants include Eric Harrison Chudler, Ph.D., director of education and outreach at University of Washington, and Marcia Rudy, Ph.D., science writer and program development consultant.

About the Partners
Evergreen Exhibitions provides state-of-the-art family educational experiences, and serves as a major development partner with more than 200 leading museums and research institutions (

Nacho Rodriguez Bach is an internationally renowned artist and musician. His creations range from Latin and orchestral styling's of Lugares Junto al Mar, touted by MusicPro Magazine as the best instrumental CD ever published in Mexico, to “Tonos,” featured at such large-scale museums as the Museum of Technology (MUTEC) in Mexico City. His artwork has been exhibited in museums and public art displays across North America, Europe and Asia.

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