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SPACE: A Journey to Our Future - Exhibit Highlights 

“SPACE: A JOURNEY TO OUR FUTURE” is created to ignite the desire for space exploration and discovery among student and families, sparking imaginations and inspiring new generations of explorers to dream of the possibilities that lie ahead.

The exhibit, which is touring major science centers and air and space museums around the country over more than four years, gives audiences an opportunity to experience past explorations and look to the future of space travel.

“SPACE” reintroduces audiences to generations of dreamers and thinkers, demonstrating how they have at times risked their lives to give the world a better understanding of who we are and how we fit into the universe around us. Most importantly, visitors will meet today’s explorers, and learn how these people are working to understand more about the planet, how to protect it, and how to increase our understanding of the beginning of the universe and what life exists beyond Earth.

“SPACE” uses immersive scenic elements, the most advanced interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art projection and audio technology to bring this epic story to life.

This wide range of exhibits allows visitors to experience space exploration and discovery firsthand:

(Note that interactives vary by venue.)

  • Touch a lunar sample
  • See artifacts such as a flown lunar scoop and camera from the Apollo program
  • Columbia Shuttle tiles
  • Listen to a radio to hear “War of the Worlds”
  • Step onto the “Moon Scale” and establish your weight on the Moon
  • View cultural artifacts surrounding space--books, toys, etc.
  • Switch through information coming from dozens of satellites A touch-screen computer interactive lets you look at the same star field through five different telescope set-ups
  • Get updated information of various probes hurtling through the Solar Sysytem
  • Determine the correct amount of fuel needed to get to Mars
  • Step in front of an Infrared camera and see your body’s temperatures by color on the screen
  • Touch a meteoritic sample from Mars
  • Mars Rover model
  • Discover Space area lets kids experience space with try-on spacesuit, computer interactives, soft play toys, a space library, other media
  • Explore a future Lunar Base Camp while walking through a full-size space living habitat and work pod
  • Take a spin on a centrifuge that visitors power like a bicycle
  • Get a first-hand look at a wide range of artifacts from the space program
  • Use a range of interactives to plan, design--even pack for--your own trip to Mars
  • Get an up-close view of the Orion--the spacecraft that will take a new generation of human explorers back to the moon, and then onward to Mars and other destinations in the solar system; also, see a model of the Ares rocket that will propel the new spacecraft
  • Look far into the future of our exploration of the universe
  • Experience the past, present and future of space through these and dozens of other displays, interactives and experiences

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