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National 'SPACE' Exhibit Tour Blasts Off in Seattle 

National 'SPACE' Exhibit Tour Blasts Off in Seattle
Exhibition Created to Generate New Interest in Space Education and Exploration

WASHINGTON, D.C. - An unprecedented traveling exhibition on space exploration has lifted off at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center.  “SPACE: A Journey to Our Future” is made possible by General Motors.  SPACE is produced by Evergreen Exhibitions (formerly Clear Channel Exhibitions) in educational collaboration with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (“NASA”) and the National Science Teachers Association (“NSTA”).

One of the largest-ever touring space events, the exhibit is designed to be scaled to fit in museum galleries ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet.  SPACE will travel to major science centers and museums in 12-15 North American cities over five years.  The purpose of SPACE is to present educational elements in scenic environments that will fuel one’s imagination in the future of space exploration.     

SPACE examines amazing discoveries and explorations from the past and introduces visitors to today’s explorers who are shaping our future destiny in the universe.  Most of the emphasis in the content relates to current and future exploits in human spaceflight.  The exhibit features child-friendly interactives, immersive environments and state-of-the-art projection and audio technology to bring this epic story to life.  Highlights will include opportunities to touch pieces of the Moon and Mars, ride a self-powered centrifuge, tour a full-scale future lunar habitat and work station, get an up-close view of next-generation spacecraft and technology, and interactively plan a trip to Mars.

“Our exploration of space is an absolute necessity,” said former NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the second American to walk in space and the last man to leave his footprints on the Moon.  “This exhibit could be the spark that lights the imagination of a future astronaut or a scientist in the space program.”

Elizabeth A. Lowery, GM vice president of Environment and Energy, noted that for GM, the opportunity to educate in the areas of math and science is extremely important.  "The SPACE exhibit embodies many of our corporate education principles including providing young people the chance to learn from real people and about real-world applications of technology," she said.  "We were also pleased to lend the expertise of our scientists and engineers to help create the educational resources for this exhibit focusing on energy, hydrogen and fuel cells."

Additional support for SPACE is provided by the Lockheed Martin.  “Our exploration of space is an absolute necessity,” said former NASA astronaut Brian Duffy, a four-time shuttle astronaut and commander of Space Shuttles Endeavour and Discovery, and currently Vice President and Associate Program Manager for Lockheed Martin.  “This exhibition could be the spark that lights the imagination of a future astronaut or a scientist in the space program.” 

The exhibit contains a strong educational component geared towards ages 9 - 17.  Leading science centers across the country, such as the St. Louis Science Center, Maryland Science Center, Pacific Science Center and the California Science Center, served on an educational committee along with representatives from NASA, NSTA, GM, Lockheed Martin and Space Day, to ensure the exhibit’s educational message and content accuracy.  A teacher’s guide complements the exhibit and is available for download on  

Exhibition tour cities that have been announced include Seattle; St. Louis; Tampa; Ashland, Nebraska; Chicago; Detroit; Cincinnati; Raleigh; Washington, DC; and Sacramento.

National promotional partners are Cadillac and OnStar by GM.  Additional support is provided by ATK.

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